Favourite writers

Thought I’d write my first blog about something easy – my favourite writers.

I’m currently reading The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler and he definitely makes the list – but does anyone else find that he goes a bit overboard on the clever observations/descriptions sometimes? Can occasionally hold up the story. Says me, who will never be Raymond Chandler ; )

Ian McEwan. The master. I’ve little else to say about him.

Robert Goddard. I’ve read all of his twice. Another master, though an underrated one. I’d put him in the cosy mystery Agatha Christie category. Amazing.

Another amazing (and underrated) writer is Martin Cruz Smith. There’s more to him than just Gorky Park. Seriously.

Other mentions go to Paulo Cohelo (so beautifully simple and complex all at once), Jane Austen (need I say more?) and Thea Astley – perhaps the greatest Australian writer of all time.

Oh, and in the (rapidly growing) Northern European crime writer category – Jo Nesbo beats all the others hands down. Forget that terrible writer – forgotten his name – something to do with dragon tattoos.

I read mostly in the thriller/mystery/detective story category. Anyone got a favourite writer in there that I’ve missed? Always looking for new ones!



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2 responses to “Favourite writers

  1. Shane

    Hi Jane, I read the big sleep last year and really enjoyed it. Seen the film a few times of course. They should bring back hats with suits. That would be fantastic for the follicly challenged such as I. Can’t wait to read your book.


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