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Haiku – This winter



This winter

Daylight stretches long

This winter old in these hands

The pendulum wakes.

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Haiku – My today (for N)

* For anyone who doesn’t know the Haiku rules – you need a seasonal reference (‘spring’ here, though I’ve cheated and used it as a verb), and the lines must go 5, 7, 5 in terms of beats. Anyway. Wrote this last night for someone I miss : )

My today

Wind soars up, trees spring,

in applause. My tomorrow

comes, waits. For today.

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Need a great ebook formatter?

Just a quick post here because I don’t need to ramble on about the quality of LK Campbell’s formatting services – I can be as efficient as she is and say it in a few words.

As you probably know my ebook was released in October (Long Shadows – buy it – it’s getting great feedback!) and I decided that I wouldn’t even try to face the terrors of formatting the document myself for the various online publishing ‘houses’.

I picked Lucinda from the Smashwords list because she was the cheapest (yep, I’m a struggling writer and a tight-arse). She immediately got back to me about when she’d be able to have the document done and kept to that deadline.

Not only this, when I ran into a few issues in ensuring the document met Smashwords’ requirements for ‘Premium Catalogue’ status, she replied immediately to a bundle of emails (sorry Lucinda!) to walk me through the process, and even double-checked and re-sent the Smashwords-format doc to ensure it was right (I’m sure it was – I’m a bit of a spanner when it comes to technologocical things – or maybe it’s just my computer’s fault and not mine. Poor Signor Laptop. Always the scapegoat).

So if you need someone who’s efficient, responsive and thoroughly professional to format something for you, I absolutely recommend her.

Here’s her website –

Enough said!

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