About me

Jane Lawler is a freelance writer and editor who has published various articles, short stories and other things. Her first novel, Long Shadows, is the first book in her Shadows trilogy and is now available on Amazon, Smashwords and other ebook distributors.

She is also a corporate writer and editor for her old law firm (where she practised for three years as a lawyer); and Jane is also involved in advertising, marketing, business development and strategy at the firm.

‘I’m one of those writers who can’t not write, and it doesn’t matter to me whether my books are successful. I’m a morning person and I spring from my bed, enlivened by my passion for writing; I’m also a chronic insomniac, and must be one of the few who hallucinates on herbal sleeping pills (not kidding)- and I see words written all over my bedroom walls! Wish I could read what they said – boo to my hallucinations!’

Her next book, Notes from the North, is unlike Long Shadows (Book 1) of her trilogy, it’s set in a small town in middle of nowhere Australia. Our character Hunter has much to learn about perspective, change and time, and self-love. It’s not arty farty chick lit but a rolling story (a novella, less than 40,000 words) about how we’re all mice on a wheel, but each day can look different and new if we look at things with new eyes. There are some pretty cool characters in there too!


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