This website is about the author Jane Lawler and contains news about her works as well as her musings on various things that may be of interest to someone (or not, as the case may be).


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  1. Diane

    Hello. I enjoy your writings very much. Just read about your experience with Argo Naturals powder. I’m interested in the whitening and evening out of my skin tone. You mentioned that there are other maybe less expensive products out there that do the same thing. Would you tell me some names of these products? Thanks so much


    • Hi Diane, thanks so much for your kind words!

      For brightening and evening skintone, products containing a good amount of glycolic acid really work for me. I love Alpha-H products for this, which I can buy relatively cheaply online in Australia because they’re broadly available and you can often grab them heavily discounted. In particular I recommend:
      * Alpha-H Liquid Gold (reviewed here: http://littlewhitetruthsblog.blogspot.com.au/2014/11/alpha-h-liquid-gold-with-glycoloic-acid.html)
      * Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream (reviewed here: http://littlewhitetruthsblog.blogspot.com.au/2015/08/alpha-h-liquid-gold-rejuvenating-cream.html)
      * Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant (reviewed here: http://littlewhitetruthsblog.blogspot.com.au/2016/04/alpha-h-balancing-moisturiser-and.html)

      You should be able to buy these from sites like Beautybay and Sephora if you’re not in Australia, although they mightn’t be as cheap as they are here. So I would have a look at glycolic acid products from brands like Paula’s Choice and Pixi. I’ve heard the Pixi Glow Tonic is absolutely amazing (and it doesn’t cost much – see eg Beautybay), but I haven’t opened mine yet so I can’t personally recommend it until I’ve tested it.

      It’s also worth asking at your local chemist/drugstore about products containing glycolic acid and retinol, because I know that pharmacy brands are starting to improve the quality of their skincare (eg I’ve seen some great reviews of the Olay Regenerist range in particular). Look out for not only glycolic acid/retinol or retinoid products but also those containing lactic acid and vitamin c.

      It’s also worth testing things where possible so you know what your skin can tolerate (eg I can tolerate glycolic acid but not retinol).

      Good luck! Let me know how you go : )


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